Competent Teacher

Competent Teacher

English Education Essays

Teachers are very important in our lives because they teach knowledge which prepare us for life. That is why, they should be competent. They should have someВ characteristics to teach effectively.

Firstly; teachers should have knowledge of their field and they should be well-informed. В For example; math teachers in a high school should know integral, determinant, geometry etc. very well. If they do not know what they should know, they can not be regarded as competent teacher.

Secondly; teachers should be knowledgable about education and learning strategies. They should be aware of different strategies while teaching. There are many strategies which explain how to teach well and effectively. It will be easier for a teacher to teach if he or she can use different strategies and techniques at different times. Every student does not learn in the same way. While some students learn well by reading or writing; some learn by listening and speaking. So it is crucial to use different strategies

Another important point is that teachers should have perfect interpersonal skills. That is; they ought to communicate with students well, they ought to know what characteristic features they show at different ages. For example; according to Piaget, the noted Swiss biologist and philosopher, says that children learn through actively interacting with their environments. The environment can be school, class or family. So it is important for teachers to use interpersonal skills very well. They should be supportive but insulting.

Last but not least, competent teachers are the ones who know educational theories and research very well. Different educational theories help teachers to teach effectively. There are important theories which teachers should know. For example; Piaget’s model of cognitive development, Kohlberg’s model of moral development, Erikson’s model of psychosocial development are necessary ones which should certainly be known.

In conclusion; we see that teaching is difficult process which many things should be taken into consideration and we understand that to be a competent teacher is more difficult